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Eklektic Angel Inc.

Helping women regain their emotional and financial freedoms

Meet the CEO, Amanda Holland

"I know all too well what it is like to not have anyone to turn to" - Amanda Holland

Hello Angels! Welcome to our page and I hope you find yourself familiar and check back often for updates.

Why did I create Eklektic Angel Inc.? I have a passion for helping women that are where I once was. I have had to overcome tremendous obstacles just to stay above water at times. I have struggled with alcoholism, homelessness, and I've even had to endure the loss of a child. I have been a single mother since the age of 25 and I know how hard it can be trying to be Superwoman. I want to lead women through their healing and recovery process no matter what their obstacles. 

When government resources fail you because of budget or availability, it can be so discouraging. I always fell in the bracket of not making enough, but somehow making too much to qualify for any assistance leaving me to fend for myself often stressed and frustrated. Some of us don't even know what resources we need to start with. There are a lot of good programs out there, but not many that provide a platform of various resources and help guide you through the process. That is exactly what I wanted to create! Most of the time when we ask for help we are thrown a phone number or some email and then booted out the door. This is very disheartening to those that go out into the world and seek the help they need just to be greeted with a un-compassionate social workers and those that don't truly have a passion for helping people.

We create a supportive community and a sisterhood free of judgement. Through our programs that accelerate personal, spiritual and professional growth, we contribute to the uplifting and equality of ALL women. Some women in transition just need that extra push and most times just need some encouraging words to motivate them. Let us be your support in your difficult time or maybe you have a  women owned startup that needs guidance. I started my journey of entrepreneurism in 2013 and that has led me through much trial and error. Through Eklektic Angel Inc. business services and free referral program, we make it a little easier for women to follow their dreams. Check our calendar for our bi-monthly Boss Babes Brunch that gives like minded women a chance to network and seek business advice from others on their same journey. 

Love and Light!